Reset Counseling

Offers an easy-to-access technique for guiding
yourself through difficult (or problematic) behaviour patterns, and learning new helpful skills .

It has proven itself to be effective against recurring problems, where you have not been able to seek professional help (yet) or you have a need for additional care.

For who?

  • It is applicable for family conflicts specifically
    for parents with children who have addiction or behaviour problems.
  • For behaviour or addiction problems where you or your partner are not able to resolve the situation by yourselves.
  • When a relationship does not function any longer and the solution is unclear to you or your partner.
  • Someone who is stuck in a destructive work pattern and at risk for a burn-out.
  • Anybody who self-harms.


The aim of this process is to focus on escaping harmful patterns
and starting a new healthy lifestyle.

Your physical, psychological, mental and spiritual skills will be developed to the extent that you are able to immediately apply them to everyday situations.

If it seems like some additional counseling might be necessary, then Reset Counseling will gladly provide you with this service. Reset Counseling also has a broad network of professionals that can assist you.

After a free-of-charge consultation with a counselor, we will review your session and be able to offer you a short course designed specifically to your needs.

The course consists of weekly sessions, in person or by videocalling,
and if necessary you will be able to reach us 24/7 by phone for additional counseling.

Desiree Wijtenburgdesiree

“An experienced counselor who is specialized in treating addictions and harmful lifestyles.
She is an expert on finding ways to escape behaviour patterns.

Besides personal experience and development,
Desiree is trained as an addiction-counselor, and has worked with several professionals. She has counselled a diverse array of clients.”

Education: Addiction studies at Napier University.
Module 1:  Addiction Counseling.
Module 2: High risk and special populations with multiple needs.

Review :

“I only had a couple of sessions with Desiree but it helped me a lot.
Her experience with various twelve steps programs made me feel like she understood my issues. She helped me with daily practical and pragmatic exercises wich is exactly what I needed.”

Woman, 45 years old